MH-470BWSIP-Outdoor 3 in 1 Moving Head Light

MH-470BWSIP-Outdoor 3 in 1 Moving Head Light

Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz
IP Rating:IP55

Product Details

Technical Parameters
Lamp body size
Technical Parameters
Rated voltage AC100~240V,50/60Hz
LED power 470W
Rated power 600W
LED Philips Platinum 20R
Color temperature 8000K
Lifetime 1500h
Zoom angle 2.43°-24.6°
Beam mode
4-33° electric linear
Light exit diameter Φ120mm
DMX channel 26/21/28 three mode channels
Control mode DMX512 master-slave mode
Control method DMX512 signal, waterproof 3-core interface
Strobe the frequency can be up to 25 times per second, and can choose random strobe and pulse strobe
Dimmer Linear dimming0~100%
Focusing Electronic focusing,ultra-smooth focus adjustment
Fog 0-100% soft light
Prism 2 independentrotating prisms (standard 8 and 16 prisms) can be rotated in both directions (optional 3-16 prism or gradient mirror or row miror)
Color wheel 16 colors + white ight, half-color efect, color film can be positioned arbitrarily, step/linear conversion of colors
Fixed pattern plate 10 patterns+ white light, with variable speed jitter
Rotating pattern disk 9 rotation patterns + white light, with variable speed jitter effect, bidirectional variable speed flow effect
Effect dynamic effect disk Dazzling flames,running water and other dynamic effects.
Safety lamps High temperature automatic protection,intelligent temperature control.
Appearance and protection leve! The new high-strength PA66 is resistant to high temperature and aging, and the protection levelcan reach lP55
Net weight 33.5Kg

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