PM-1200PS / 800PS-High Power Profile Light

PM-1200PS / 800PS-High Power Profile Light

SKU Code:PM-1200PS / 800PS
LED Type:200W COB
IP Rating:IP55

Product Details

Technical Parameters
Lamp body size
Technical Parameters
Light source brand PHILIPS
Light power 800W / 1200W
Color temperature 8000K±300K
Zoom Range 7°~45°
Dimming 0〜100% linear dimming
Focus Electronic focusing, ultra smooth
Strobe 1-25 times/second, random+pulse
Atomization 0-100% soft light
Rated voltage AC100/240V 50/60Hz
Rated power 1200W/800W
Color disc 1 set of color plates, 6 fixed color plates+white
Color mixing CMY color mixing system+CTO
Pattern disc 1 set of fixed pattern discs, 8 fixed patterns+white circles
1 set of rotating pattern discs with 6 rotating patterns
and white circles
Special effects disc 1 set of special effects disc+white circle
Prism disc 1 set of prism discs+prism rotation
Profile 4 gratings for fast and smooth cutting,Each grating cutting
direction and angle can be independently controlled,The
cutting module can rotate independently by 90 °.
Control mode DMX
Channel mode 31CH/32 CH
Vertical adjustment 30 ° (manual axis adjustment)
Heat dissipation Air cooling
Material aluminium
Protection rating IP55
Dimension L474*W339*H625mm
Weight 37.6KGS
Environment temperature -25℃~40℃

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