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LED Flexible Neon Light Strip represents an innovative lighting solution that utilizes flexible LED technology, presenting itself in a soft and bendable form. Its distinctive design finds extensive applications in architectural decoration, signage production, landscape lighting, and beyond.

Outdoor Building
LED Wall washer Light


Wilgex provide a complete range of products and one-stop service that covers the entire process, from designing, production to project planning, software control, installation and beyond.

Wilgex possesses the most professional production equipment in the LED Neon Flex industry, offering top-quality one-stop services. We are committed to providing customers with the most convenient and effective solutions.

Neon light strip connector
Design power box

Wilgex offer power control boxes and service of installation for the clients, to ensure their products are both convenient and aesthetically pleasing in use.


Transform your travel experience with our LED light strip. Whether camping under the stars or enjoying a cozy night in, our versatile LED strip adds a touch of ambiance to your inflatable mattress. The use of Velcro with stamped buttons provides a fast and convenient fastening method that allows for easy detachment and flexible position adjustments. Illuminate your adventures and create a warm, inviting atmosphere wherever your travels take you.

led Inflatable lamp

Wilgex successfully ventured into the development of pneumatic products and LED strips for a Spanish cultural tourism project. Drawing inspiration from the client’s blueprints, our team thoroughly examined the internal structure, ensuring optimal functionality of the LED strips within the pneumatic structure. The result was a flawless presentation of LED pneumatic lights, leaving both parties highly satisfied.

Wilgex specializes in crafting bespoke LED Neon signs tailored to meet the unique visions of our clients. With precision engineering and innovative design, we transform concepts into vibrant illuminated creations. Elevate your brand or space with our customized LED Neon solutions.

led rgb Neon sign


  1. The most comprehensive selection of sizes.
  2. PVC LED neon flex max length 40 meters
  3. DIY Connections
  4. IP68 Waterproof
  5. V0 Fire Resistance
  6. UV Resistance(-25-70℃)
  7. Tolerance to extreme temperatures
  8. Round Injection Molding(IP67)
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About Us

Wilgex was established in 2008,with over 15 years of OEM, ODM manufacturing, and export experience. Our company is a manufacturing facility invested in by Hong Kong Wilgex Limited, with a high-tech product base operated in Dongguan. Our company is a certified outdoor LED manufacturer under the TUV-ISO9001:2008 quality system. With a total area coverage of 2500m², 8 production lines running all day, and 75 diligent staffs, we have been steadily growing since establishment. Our daily capacity averages at 200 pieces for LED wall washers, 500 pieces for underwater lamps,
and 3000m of neon flex.Wilgex is dedicated to becoming a leading branded company focused on outdoor construction,
city brightening projects, and other applications worldwide.

15 years of OEM
Total area coverage of 2500m²
8 production lines
75 staffs

Wilgex Highlights And Updates

Wilgex strives to deliver excellence across every aspect of the customer experience

From product design and customization to packaging design, installation guidance, software debugging, logistics and transportation, and a dedicated after-sales service spanning over 5 years

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