Wilgex offer special customized service. Any special requirement will be highly welcomed.


Wilgex specializes in customized solutions for LED flexible neon light strips, recognizing the unique requirements of each client in diverse settings. We provide comprehensive personalized services, ensuring excellence at every step from concept to reality.

Design Drawings (3 days): Our expert design team will create detailed drawings within 3 days, meticulously capturing and presenting your concepts.

Custom Molding (5 days): To bring your unique ideas to life, we will craft customized molds tailored exclusively for you within 5 days, ensuring production’s personalization and professionalism.

Sample Production (7 days): We complete sample production within 7 days, showcasing the appearance and effects of the final product, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the customized result.

Bulk Production (20 days): Once the sample receives your approval, we initiate bulk production within 20 days, ensuring timely delivery and meeting the requirements of your project.

Throughout the entire process, Wilgex is committed to providing efficient, innovative customized services, allowing your project to stand out uniquely. We believe that with our professional team and advanced processes, we can meet all your expectations for LED flexible neon light customization.

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Wilgex’s Professionalism in Engineering ProjectsIrrespective of the buyer’s level of industry expertise, Wilgex ensures targeted services tailored to their specific needs.

For Entry-Level Clients:Wilgex provides a comprehensive service covering wiring layout, addressing signal issues, and configuring control panels. Inexperienced buyers can seamlessly complete their projects with Wilgex’s support, culminating in a straightforward power-on process.

For Professional Clients:Wilgex excels in delivering exclusive, customized services for experienced buyers with diverse needs. This includes specialized applications such as LED inflatable lamp design, integrating light strips onto glass surfaces, customized wall angle joints, and pixel adjustments per meter of the light strip. Our proficiency extends to addressing the unique requirements of different scenarios, ensuring a tailored and expert approach for each project.

Rotating Metal Pallets

To facilitate handling the shipments of weighting over 30 kilograms, new design of rotating metal pallets available in Wilgex, for easy maneuvering, saving customers time and effort.

Round Neon Tube Injection

“Round Neon Tube Injection Molding” is an exclusive development by Wilgex.

Designed to meet the demands of high-end environments and engineering projects.

Injection molding ensures the sealing of the LED strip, enhancing its waterproof performance, making it particularly suitable for outdoor and humid environments.


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