Animal amusement park themed outdoor projects-3

Animal amusement park themed outdoor projects-3

Location: Spain

LED Modeling Light:

Based on the customer’s snail-shaped LED light drawings, Wilgex designed the appearance of the snail, the power box base for the snail mold, the arrangement of internal power supply and controller circuits within the power box, and the layout of LED strips inside the snail mold.

To ensure that the light strips illuminate along the pattern of the snail’s shell, our designers fixed the strips into a spiral shape following the snail shell’s patterns, achieving a satisfying lighting effect.

To enhance the discreetness and convenience of the power supply and controller, we designed the base of the snail mold as a separate power control box.

This design ensures that each snail-shaped lamp can have independent power and control.

Wilgex’s principle is to serve everything for customer satisfaction.

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