5V USB Enabled Flexible Neon Strip Light

Wilgex Unveils Latest Innovation: 5V USB-Enabled Flexible Neon Strip Light (10*15mm)

Wilgex proudly introduces its newest development, a cutting-edge 5V flexible neon strip light featuring a USB interface and measuring 10*15mm. Leveraging advanced injection molding technology, this innovation includes Wilgex’s exclusive downward wire exit design, setting it apart from conventional front and side wire exits found in the market. This distinctive feature enhances its adaptability across a diverse range of practical applications.

The 5V USB interface adds a versatile dimension, offering convenience and compatibility for various power sources. The compact dimensions of 10*15mm ensure flexibility in placement and ease of installation.

This groundbreaking neon strip light is not only a testament to Wilgex’s commitment to technological advancement but also a solution designed to cater to a multitude of real-world scenarios. Stay tuned for the release of wilgex’s flexible neon strip, poised to redefine lighting possibilities.

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