5M 10M 20M Pixel RGB Neon Flex Set With WiFi Kit

Wilgex Unveils Versatile Neon Strip Light Kits for Home and Commercial Use

In a breakthrough move, Wilgex is set to launch comprehensive Neon Strip Light Kits tailored for DIY enthusiasts, supermarkets, distributors, e-commerce platforms, and store owners. Distinguishing itself from the standard 3M and 5M options in the market, Wilgex introduces 10M and 20M lengths, both boasting IP68 waterproofing. This innovation caters to indoor DIY projects and finds perfect application in outdoor settings like parks, streets, and pools.


To ensure user-friendly installation, each meter of the neon strip comes with four aluminum channels. The entire strip, ranging from 10M to 20M, is controllable via a smartphone app, providing seamless customization. Furthermore, the plug-and-play feature simplifies the power supply connection.

Wilgex’s commitment to delivering quality, convenience, and versatility shines through in this latest offering, promising a vibrant and effortless neon experience for a myriad of settings. Stay tuned for the launch of these cutting-edge Neon Strip Light Kits, a testament to Wilgex’s dedication to lighting innovation.

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