MH-470BIP-Outdoor Beam Moving Head Light

MH-470BIP-Outdoor Beam Moving Head Light

SKU Code:MH-470BIP
Material: A1 grade fireproof material
Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz
IP Rating:IP55

Product Details

Technical Parameters
Lamp body size
Technical Parameters
Rated voltage AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Power source 470W
Rated power 600W
Light bulb brand Philips Platinum 20R
Color temperature 8000K
Lifetime 1500h
llluminance 260000 lux(14 m 2°)\210000 lux(17 m 2°)\145000 lux(20 m 2°)
Beam angle
Aperture Φ170mm
Dimming 0-100%linear dimming
Strobe The frequency can be up to 25 times per second, and can choose random strobe and pulse strobe.
Focus Electronic focusing,ultra-smooth focus adjustmen
Fogging 0-100% soft light
Color wheel 14 colors + white light, half-color effect, color film can be positioned arbitrarily, step/linear conversion of colors
Fixed gobo 14 patterns + white light, with variable speed jitter effect, bidirectional variable speed flow effect
Rotating gobo 8 rotation patterns + white light, two-way variable speed flow effect
Effect dynamic effect disc Dazzling flames, running water and other dynamic effects
Prism 2 independent rotating prisms (8 prisms, 16 prisms and 8+16 prisms as standard; can be rotated in both directions (optional 3-16 prisms or gradient mirrors or row mirrors).
Control mode DMX 512 master-slave mode
Control method DMX512 signal, waterproof 3-core interface
DMX channel 16/18/20 three mode channels
Appearance and protection level The shell uses A1 grade fireproof material
Dimension L481*W330*H746mm
Protection rating IP55
Net weight 35KG

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