Round dia 18mm Digital Pixel RGB LED Neon Flex

The round dia 18mm Digital Pixel RGB LED Neon Flex is the most popular product of Wilgex Lighting. The unique appearance and excellent quality have been highly recognized by the market and customers. Wilgex has obtained patent certification for this product. When it comes to round digital pixel led neon flex, we are the only manufacturer that can provide manufacturing and service. This product has the following features:

**Round shape dia 18mm;
**320 Degree light emit;
**PVC extrusion + copper wire;
**Pixel RGB (DC24V, 112LEDs with 16IC, SPI WS2811, Addressable DMX512)
**40m long loading (24V 2 ends feeded);Unit cut 25cm.
**Package 50m per roll;
**Mono, RGB and Pixel RGB available;
**IP65 waterproof;
**Suitable for building facade, stage , KTV club , garden , bridge, Christmas Lighting etc.

Welcome to inquire and place an order. Many thanks.

Round dia 18mm Digital Pixel RGB LED Neon Flex

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