PM-4200- ضوء فيديو تفاعلي ذكي

PM-4200- ضوء فيديو تفاعلي ذكي

رمز SKU:PM-4200
مستوي رقم التعريف الألكتروني:IP65

تفاصيل المنتج

المعايير الفنية
Display technology 3LCD*0.59
Resolution ≥1280*800
Brightness 4200 lumens (according to lS021118 standard)
Contrast ≥12000:1(according tolS021118 standard)
Type of light source Philips’ latest 20,000-hour ultra-long module
Fusion splicing method Single projector built-in handshaking fusion system
Interactive system The projector has a built in ground interactive capture system and built-in ground interactive software, built-in 20 sets ofindependently developed U3D interactive content
Input interface VGAx2/Audio in(Mini Jack,3.5mm)x1/Audio in(L/R)x2/videox1/S-Video/HDMlx2 (one of  which is compatible with MHL)/USB-Ax1/USB-Bx-1/RJ45x1/RS-232×1
Output Interface VGAx1/Audio out (Mini Jack 3.5mm)x1
Control System The projector has a built-in central control switch timing setting: / double password lock and double anti-theft
Waterproof system IP65 waterproof rating, all-weather constant temperature and humidity
Other functions Smart screen flip/custom boot screen/one-click black screen/screen capture
البعد 45cm*65cm*16cm
وزن 14.1KG
Total power 500W

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