Wilgex COB LED Light Strip in 24V Pixel Effect

Wilgex COB LED Light Strip in 24V Pixel Effect

COB Means What? 
What is COB? COB is short for Chip On Board, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the PCB. The COB light strip is a light strip that encapsulates the chip on a flexible board. Chips mostly use flip-chips, which are linearly solid-bonded on the PCB, and then a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the chip.
The light emitted by the chip is refracted, reflected, and interacted with the phosphor inside the encapsulating gel. The gel uniformly emits light of different colors and color temperatures.

Feature1: Uniform light
Feature 2: High Color Rendering Index
Feature 3: Good flexibility
Feature 4: Can be cut
Feature 5: Ultra-thin
Feature 6: Variety of colors
There are monochromatic ones, as well as RGB colorful ones, applied to the lighting requirements of various occasions.
Colorful colors create a colorful world. We cannot live without a variety of colors, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, etc. Wilgex provides COB in a variety of colors of Light strips, and there are two-color changeable, colorful changeable, pixel controlled programmable strips, etc.

Feature 7: Dimmable

Feature 8: High Brightness
Feature 9: Energy saving
Feature 10: Environmental protection
Feature 11: Light weight
Feature 12: Easy install

As a new type of luminous product, the COB light strips have more functional enhancements due to technological innovation. Its features are far more than what I have introduced in this article. I believe you can discover more COB light strips when you use them. Use its characteristics to create more meaningful products or more interesting lighting projects.


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