Wilgex RGB Spot Lights

Bring the show effect into your car wash - Wilgex RGB Spot Lights

From arch lighting color effects to fully immersive tunnel lighting shows, Wilgex high-power RGB Spot Lights allows you to easily craft an incredible and memorable customer experience, customized to your wash.

Create light shows based on a theme such as during holidays and community events, or feature color integration designed into actual car wash equipment. One of the biggest trends in the car wash industry right now is to enhance the washing process with color effects synchronized to the various cycles. By adding pops of amber to backlight a foam lava curtain, green to make soap dispensing glow, blue during the rinse waterfall and red to simulate heat during drying, you are able to appease the senses of the customer and keep them engaged throughout each stage of the wash.

The perceived value of the wash is greater, as is the likelihood of returning for a repeat experience after they are wowed by their initial transaction. Wilgex specializes in manufacturing LED fixtures specifically for the car wash environment and has adapted the push-and-click bay lighting kits to offer them in amber, red, blue and green that easily mount onto arches. We also offer a more robost, high-power fixture with user-controlled color shows, including full-specturm rainbow variations. By adding secondary optics to the LED boards, we are able to focus high intensity color saturation to create vibrant effects within a low-profile waterproof and chemical resistant housing.


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